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Fitness Equipment Warehouse represents products from many of the most highly respected manufacturers in the fitness equipment industry. We have dedicated ourselves to aiding our customers & successfully exceeding personal & institutional fitness goals.

We sincerely hope that your contact with us will prove to be a positive experience, and guarantee that our commitment to excellence will not waiver. We are one of the Largest Used Exercise Equipment Warehouse in Central Florida. When you purchase from Fitness Equipment Warehouse, you have purchased more than equipment. You've purchased a commitment from our team of fitness, distribution, and service professionals.


We made this site easy to use and easy to get information about our products. Due to the weight of some of our equipment we cannot easily sell our products online with just clicking the Add to Shopping Cart button. We tried to re-invent web sales with a Get Shipping Quote instead of Add to Shopping Cart.

As you may know freight charges vary by size, destination, and weight. If we ship something to North Carolina that weighs 125 lbs that same item shipped to Texas could cost 40% more. Freight charges change every day and we do not want to overcharge our web customers. Our staff has put together a web site that gives you the option to select an item you are interested in and get an up to the minute freight quote.

Just select an item or as many items you want then register your e-mail and add a password. There are no payment options on this site just click the Phone Order button and we will get your request via e-mail and you will receive a confirmation e-mail. We will respond to your request by e-mail or phone you with a quote for freight.

As always you can call us at (407) 834.4020 or e-mail us with any questions. Each item has an e-mail link at the detail section to request informationn regarding the equipment.